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CodeSchool101’s mission is to inspire students to learn tech and coding in a fun, engaging and meaningful way. We offer structured coding lessons to students aged between 9-16 years that paves a way into professional coding seamlessly. Our programs are taught by experienced teachers who have been trained and certified by MIT and all lessons are taught in a supportive and nurturing environment for students to thrive in no matter where they are on their coding journey. We e also teach crucial skills such as collaboration, communication and to be compassionate when coding. The App development programs teach coding in a way that is socially conscious, where we focus on developing technology that addresses real-world problems that could impact their own lives, their communities and even the world. We also teach Scratch programming, Python and Web development.


Learn from Scratch

Your child will be introduced to programming by making animations and games using block-based programming blocks. Scratch has been developed by MIT and is used by millions of people around the world- adults and children to start their programming journey.

App Development

We use MIT App Inventor platform to teach students to make android mobile applications. Students have a chance to enter competitions run by MIT. We offer classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners.

Girls only Coding Clubs

Though many of the great pioneers of computing were women, computer science is an overwhelmingly male-dominated subject and workforce. One of our primary goals at Codeschool101 is to increase the number of girls who participate in the field of Computing in the Middle East.

Coding Competitions

All students who signup have the opportunity to participate in international competitions run by MIT, as well as Technovation for girls.

Typical lesson structure

This is a sample schedule to show how our online lessons are structured.

9:00 - 9:05 Set up We use Microsoft Teams. Teacher will call students and meet them online. It is important to be on time for lessons.
9.05-9.50 Coding We will have 45 minutes of a mix of demonstrating of coding concepts and the project. Students get a chance to do live coding. Work that is not completed will need to be done after the lesson.
9.50-10.00 Wrap-up Students will answer questions on coding concepts taught and, in some lesson, complete online quizzes to test their knowledge.

Technical requirements

Scratch: Laptop, Desktop or iPad

MIT App Inventor: Laptop or Desktop, Android phone, Gmail address