Why choose us

Our teachers are highly experienced and trained by MIT. They also have considerable years of teaching experience as well as professional coding experience.

What will your child learn?

Football game

Quiz in Scratch

Creativity in Coding

At CodeSchool101 we teach our students more than just coding. We teach crucial skills such as collaboration, communication and to be compassionate when coding. There is a common perception that coding is just about the syntax, debugging and abstract code. At Codeschool101 the curriculum is driven to focus students on creativity rather than just syntax. We teach our students that coding is an approach to problem solving. Once students learn the fundamentals of coding, we then focus on computational action to engage learners in meaningful action whilst learning about coding.

Underwater adventure

Dubai coding competition

A new project every month of the school year

There is a new coding project every month and each project lasts 4 weeks. However, you can sign up at any point of the year at the start of a new project (which starts at the beginning of each month) however you will be expected to do a little bit of catching up before joining the class. Details will follow when you sign up.

Space invaders

Solar system

Live lessons

Live lessons will take place in small group sessions using Microsoft Teams. Lessons will be held during the week on Sunday and Tuesday after school and on Saturday mornings.

See schedule below


Sundays & Tuesdays, after school hours

2.45-3.45 Ages 8-11 Programming using Scratch
4.00-5.00 Ages 12-14 Programming using Scratch
5.15-6.15 Ages 12-14 MIT App Inventor

Saturdays, mornings

9.30-10.30 Ages 8-11 Programming using Scratch
10.45-11.45 Ages 12-14 Programming using Scratch
12.00-1.00 Ages 12-14 MIT App Inventor
Coming soon Ages 12-14 Python, HTML, CSS, Javascript

Please note: Students can only sign up for MIT App Inventor if they are able to code in Scratch and can demonstrate this.

Technical requirements:
Scratch: Laptop, Desktop or iPad
MIT App Inventor: Laptop or Desktop, Android phone, Gmail address

Cost: 399 AED per month (1 live lesson per week)

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